Fading Preconceptions

My shoes looked strangely pale when I picked them up today. I have grown accustomed to their colors, using them mostly indoors for my 5 minute cardio routine.

It took me a few seconds to realize that it wasn’t from taking them out in the sunlight–Sun-fading being a fate befalling many of my more sedentary possessions–but from the dust of the track. This is something new to me.

As is the sensation that I’d rather be running. Perhaps it’s me losing interest in the event I’m attending in my capacity as a member of the press, or perhaps I’m actually enjoying running despite myself. I’m finding myself impressed by how well I’m handing it, I apparently didn’t realize o had it in me.

Either way, I’m looking forward to sticking through the couch to 5k program I started this week. Looking forward enough that I took a few idle minutes (journalism, as I have learned in my three years, involves a lot of sitting around, waiting for something to happen) at this event to hammer out a blog post and buy the RunDouble C25k program.


6 thoughts on “Fading Preconceptions

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