Pain in the Glutes

[Edit: This post was supposed to appear here on my Running blog, the Unsure Runner, but I accidentally posted it on my random thoughts blog. Whoops! Originally written in the evening after my run on Sept 18. 3:45 p.m., Sept 19]

I held my phone in one hand, waiting–dreading–the vibration that would signal the inevitable beginning of my second day running. I had decided to wait until I arrived at the reservoir to start the workout, rather than start as I left my house. It’s a 15-ish minute walk, with a wide intersection to cross.

I woke this morning with a pain in my ass. By which I mean, my glutes were sore. I had forgotten something I should know by now: it usually takes my muscles a day to start complaining. I was dreading how my body would take the second set. I was regretting wearing black, as the noontime Boston sun hung overheat and beat over me. I was regretting not eating lunch–my food tracker app, LoseIt! informed me that after the run, I would have burned more calories than I had consumed today. As the hill to the reservoir running track looms ahead of me, I see a number of reasons to not to run lie before me.

But, I am already here.

The buzz of the phone. The little voice in my headphones tells me to start running.

Standing on the other side of it, I think I feel the same way about running as I do about the T. I appreciate that the MBTA gets me to a destination, and I swear by it to get around within the city. However, there is little more fun to me–and my fellow Bostonians–than complaining about our public transit. It may just be more popular than the Red Sox.

When I got home, again, didn’t feel awful: I was hungry, to be sure; I was sweaty, and in desperate need of a shower; but overall, I didn’t feel terrible. I didn’t feel like a military academy, as I had expected.

Looking back, as I hopped in the shower, I realized I spent this one without looking at my phone. On my Monday foray, I checked the RunDouble app toward the end of a few of the repetitions to see how much longer until I could start walking again. Today, I didn’t–actually, I found myself estimating points I would pass at the end of the 60-second running interval.

I guess, Friday, I’ll be back.


2 thoughts on “Pain in the Glutes

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