Achievement Unlocked: Finish C25k Week One

Didn’t realize I had it in me.

Seriously, I had no idea I could run. I thought it was just beyond my capabilities–something I can do in small bursts, all the while hoping no one is trying to kill me at the very moment my stamina runs out. What I’m saying is: I’ve surprised myself.

I expected more pain. The soreness in my ass is more or less gone–strange, as I ran despite an ache yesterday. I expected to feel like a military academy after each run.  I expected to hate it more. I expected to feel winded–to get the cold, breathless sensation moving down my throat as I exert myself just a little too far. I expected a lot of bad things from this, and so far, I’m surprised as to how wrong my impression of running was.

It feels like running is a mutant superpower that had been lying dormant in me for years. Finally coming to the surface now that I am ready to learn to control it–control it here meaning “actually try it.”

That said, I still wouldn’t claim to love it. Nor am I making grand plans to run in the upcoming Boston Marathon. I am enjoying the sense of direction it provides. In a way, I’m building something. As with most construction in a city like Boston, building something means tearing something else down. In order to do that, I’m having to tear down my own assumptions about my abilities.

Of course, next week gets harder. We’ll see how I feel about it come Monday evening.


2 thoughts on “Achievement Unlocked: Finish C25k Week One

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