Belts and Splints

On the one hand, I got a TuneBelt to keep my phone in while I run, and it arrived. 

On the other, I may have to give my legs a break tomorrow instead of going out for my run. 


A “splint,” in my mind, is a piece of medical equipment, or something else acting as a piece of medical equipment. So, when you get one on your shin, that shouldn’t be a bad thing. 

Well, I’m learning that that’s a crock. I think I have shin splints. Could be because I started C25k week 2 this week, and my legs and I aren’t quite prepared for it. Could be my $30 Champion running shoes from Target. 

My friend informs me that it may be the latter, and that I should go to a running store and have myself fitted for a new pair. However, I may need to hold off on that until I get paid again. Does seem a shame to ditch the shoes I got, cheap as they are, but I do need to make sure I can actually run. We (my legs and I) will give it some rest and go from there.


What I do know is this: I’ll be walking the circuit tomorrow. 


6 thoughts on “Belts and Splints

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