40% More Bouncy

I’m thinking of creating a new running program: C25S. Couch to 5hin Splints. 

My friends, my shins, informed me that the run yesterday was a little too much. A wrap on each shin for a few hours did them some wonders, but I really can’t be doing this between every run. Neither can I buy new shoes, what with the next paycheck already spoken for. Nor can I keep repeating the light runs from the C25k week one program, as I did yesterday amid splint scare 2013.

The run yesterday felt good, in that it felt right. It was worth it. Even knowing I was going to be standing around at a concert that evening.

Incidentally, check out Dustin Wong who opened for the Dodos. Never have I seen a crowd so entranced by an opening act, nor have I often seen someone seem so genuinely surprised by the response to his work. The man is brilliant.


Which is when a friend clued me in to Dr. Scholl’s Active Series. They claim to absorb shock by 40%, which should allow me to run 40% further before my shins complain (spoiler alert: I am not great with numbers). In installing them, I noticed how flimsy the insoles were in my current pair of shoes. Paper-thin for the most part, granted I have already started running in them, but they didn’t inspire confidence. 

I will have to wait until Monday to find out whether they will suffice. My hope is that they will at least carry me through the next paycheck. I can already–yes, I am wearing them while I write, what of it?–feel some parts of my feet being supported differently. A little more comfortably, I might say. 

Monday, we’ll see how it goes when I restart C25k’s Week 2 programming.


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