C25k Week 2, Take 2: Ice, Ice Baby

Sitting in my living room, drinking a Shipyard Pumpkin Ale from a glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar, listening to fireworks coming from somewhere–I think BC, although the Red Sox apparently just won.

I’m assuming it’s because I am finished with the second week of my Couch to 5k program. 


With the shins acting up last week, I took a break. So, a part of me feels like I should be writing about week 3. But, caution is the watchword–better than risking some kind of permanent damage to my stems. 

It seems like the answer to the shins is ice. After my Wednesday run, I tried wrapping and icing my shins. Come Thursday, they felt surprisingly good. They weren’t in a lot of pain, just the same precursors I felt last week. Clearly a tradition I will have to repeat. 

Back at it Monday. Taking the weekend off. 


…and yes, I know they’re not celebrating my progress.


Shin Status: tired, but not hurting too much. Stronger, maybe?


One thought on “C25k Week 2, Take 2: Ice, Ice Baby

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