Keeping Up My Nerd Cred

It wasn’t until I read the program on C25k for Week 3, Day 1 that I started feeling apprehensive about it.

I grit my teeth, muttering “come on…”

More at the cruel machine that will eventually buzz and let me return to walking than to my body. Three minutes is the longest I’ve run continuously in the last decade or so (I haven’t counted, really). The program called for 90 seconds running, 90 walking, then 3 minutes each running and walking, then lather, rinse and repeat. 

I had already surprised myself for the week, but was my luck running out? Am I at my limits already? 

At the risk of leaving a cliffhanger worthy of a dime store pulp novel, no. No, I’m not. I completed the program. 


Before getting to the track for the run, I was thinking that I was risking my nerd  cred with the exercise. I was spending time away from the computer, in the sun, and doing something athletic. When I blog about it, I’m not certain that the nerdier aspects of my self are coming out in the writing (I am greatly exaggerating my thoughts here, but I feel like I could be nerdier). 

To that end: I completed my run in a Captain Hammer T-shirt, (one I love, which was bound for the laundry anyway), feeling a little like Nathan Fillion himself as I’m tromping down the hill toward Chestnut Hill Reservoir, where the track sits. 


Shin Status: Requesting ice.
T-Shirt: Captain Hammer


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