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Out of My Head

I have become a schizophrenic. I run when the voice in my head tells me to run; I stop when it tells me to walk. 

“Start running now.” 

The voice is a mechanical female–who sounds suspiciously like the GPS app with which I get into regular battles–the narrator from the RunDouble app (yes, it’s probably the same voice). I kick into a higher pace, and look down the track, trying to spot the bench I estimate I will pass, marking the of this interval. 

I’m usually wrong; the estimate is short by several feet. 

Between tracks on the album selected for my run, I hear the crunch of gravelly footfalls behind me. I keep looking over my shoulder, trying to figure out who’s following me, and whether I need to shift over to let a more experienced–i.e., faster–runner zip past me. 

There’s no one behind me. I’m hearing my own…

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