The Unsure Runner’s First Retraction

“Whose brilliant idea was it to build the Reservoir so far away from my house?”

I am trudging home after attempting C25k Week 4, Day 1. I was not as good as I could have been. The last running interval was, well, not continuous. In my defense, 5 minutes is a long time to do anything continuously. I’m not kicking myself–in part, because I feel like a military academy–I can genuinely say I gave it my best effort. I managed to make the other three running intervals without too much incident, and ran for the majority of the last one. Today is the first day that running sucked. 

“Why am I doing this to myself?”

The counting was helping, to a point. Counting out the seconds, roughly, that I had run gave me something to think about while my legs filled slowly with an ache. It was a brief distraction, and is probably what got me through the first 5-minute interval. 

I felt good about making it through that one. 

According to the stats, which I managed to catch after the first 5-minute interval, I had run 0.49 miles in that time. I am pretty confident that is the farthest I have ever run at one time.

When the voice in my head told me I was halfway through the run, I was further around the reservoir than I any time in the past I have received that message. I looked, and knew I was going to have to make at least part of a second loop around the reservoir. 

The final interval, with a couple of walking breaks, clocked in at .47 miles. I think I was running slower to begin with, but also definitely slowed down. Still, that .02 of a mile doesn’t sound too terrible in the grand scheme of things. 

I’m not officially retracting anything (that made for a catchy title), but I do kind of want to take back some of the things I’ve said about running to date. It hasn’t sucked so far, probably because the “easing myself into it” portion is over. With the honeymoon past, it’s starting to get serious. We are no longer cuddling and making popcorn for each other, running and I are starting to get into fights about day-to-day living, and getting frustrated by each others’ foibles and idiosyncrasies. 

I’m not walking away–or limping, to be more accurate. I’m not giving up yet, but I am starting to feel like I should have stayed home. It’s now up to my pig-headed determination to keep me running through the rest of the C25k program; I said I’d do it, now I’m going to finish it. Next run, I’m going to make both 5-minute intervals. 


Which, I guess, brings me back to the sentiment with which I opened this blog: It’s a lovely day to do something awful to yourself


Shirt of the Day: Long-sleeved, solid grey over (my soon-to-be former employer).


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