Why Am I Doing This?

I made the mistake of looking ahead on the Week 5 program for C25k. Next Friday, it’s a 20-minute run. That’s the entire program. 5 minutes to warm up, 5 to cool down, and 20 straight running. I am intimidated. But, I’ll likely draw on my pig-headed determination to see me through it.

The question I’m setting out to answer today is: why am I writing about this experience

There are a few reasons. The first is, knowing there is an audience will keep me honest. It does also keep me writing, something I love to do. 

Mostly, however, I want to prove to both myself, and to other people, that it isn’t that hard to do. 

“I am not a runner,” I have said in the past.

I have never really considered myself to be one. I used to get winded running to catch the T. I seldom played sports, and dropped out of soccer when I was quite young. I am not what one might call “athletic.” Yet, I can do this. It is not beyond my physical capabilities, as I had previously assumed. I have been rethinking that, among other things

Hitting the track, in my head, was also an expensive proposition. I hear of $150+ shoes, and see people heading out in expensive name-brand clothing. When the notion of running first entered my mind, the cost seemed prohibitive; I didn’t want to shell out money for a hobby I would never really get into.

If I was going to run, I wanted to do it inexpensively, and I wanted to do it at my own pace. I didn’t know where to start, didn’t really think it was something I could do, and expected to give up after a couple of weeks. 

Instead, I have  just completed week 4 of the C25k program. 

Here’s what I’ve spent so far. 

Running Shoes – Champions C9: $29.99 at Target
Gym Shorts – Champions C9: $9.99 at Target
Athletic Socks – Hanes 6 pack: $10.99
Running App – RunDouble C25k: $1.59 on the App Store
Running Track – Chestnut Hill Reservoir: Free

My initial investment was $42 and change. 

Running Armband – TuneBelt: $17.95 on Amazon
Insoles – Dr. Scholls Athletic: $24.99 at CVS

Another cost of $40.

Recently, I went back to Target, and picked up a new pair of pants and shorts. One for the impending winter of Boston, and one so I have an extra pair to wash (also it was on sale). 

Running Shorts – Champions C9, (with a black go-faster stripe): $8.04 at Target (on clearance)
Running Pants – Champions C9: $16.99

All told, less than $25. 

Meaning that for about $107, I got myself through the first half of a C25k program, and am still going strong. Less than the cost of a pair of expensive running shoes. Although, your mileage may vary. 

If I can do this, I truly believe other people can. That’s why I’m writing.


Shin Status: It’s been a long week…
T-Shirt of the Day: Box art for Activision’s Pitfall!, an old Atari 2600 game.


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