My Game Face

While walking home from yesterday’s run, I passed a girl heading toward the reservoir. She was running downhill on Commonwealth Avenue, on the hill before my apartment. Her face was twisted in a grimace of pain and disgust, which I am quite certain is not the look she was going for. 

This got me wondering: what expression does my face bear while running? 

What I like to think is a face of serene determination: teeth gritted, the corners of my mouth even, eyes slightly narrowed with focus. 

The reality, I’m sure, is more along the lines of derangement: lips drying out and slowly falling from a slight smile to that same grimace, sweat beading on my forehead, eyes squinting out the sun as my glasses slide slowly down the bridge of my nose–thanks in no small way to the combination of the aforementioned sweat and the up-and-down movement from my run.

When I see other runners on the track, some of them have the expression I’m aiming for, so perhaps I’m mistaken. 

Mostly I hope that, when a passing runner smiles at me, I succeed in returning that pleasantry, rather than glowering at them with unintended, pain-inspired ire. 


Shin Status: Yesterday was a lot of running. Today was a lot of walking. 
T-Shirt of the Day: “It came out of nowhere”–the TARDIS crashing into the Back to the Future Delorean. 


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