Slightly crazy week, slightly long day ahead of me. Have to pack the 20-minute run into my day. 

Mostly updating because I never talked about Wednesday’s run, which featured two 8-minute runs separated by a 5-minute walk. Surprised and pleased, as I have been in the past, that I was able to finish the run. Started with a stretch, stayed slow as I could be, and managed to power through–was even a little surprised when my count on the second run was off, and I was finished faster than I expected to be. 


Today the last day of C25k Week 5. That’s the 20-minute run aforementioned. That is making me a little nervous.


Shin Status: Apprehensive.
Shirt of the (Wednes)day: “Sorry, Glenn, the only Beck I listen to has two turntables and a microphone.”


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