… That Worked?

As it turns out, the Reservoir track is just shy of 1.61 miles. I know this, because that’s how far I ran in 20 minutes (a 13.something minute pace), and it took me past the point where I started running. 

Yes, I’m being intentionally nonchalant about the fact that I completed the full 20 minute run, about which I was apprehensive earlier.



Then again, RunDouble was pretty confident I could make it, as was one of my readers (thanks again!).

I didn’t entirely doubt myself, but I was a little worried. I have proven my preconceptions wrong on more than a few occasions. However, 20 minutes, I am relatively sure, is the longest continuous running I’ve ever done (did I mention was/am out of shape?). I have cut my run short before, which I kind of regretted–deep down, I believe that was my biggest concern: disappointing myself.

That was also the thought that kept me going. That, and the converse: how great will it be when you finish? How awesome will it feel?

Turns out, it feels pretty great. Not to gloat or anything, but I’m kind of awesome. 


Shin Status: 1 part run-achy, 1-part dog-smashy (visiting my family, one of our dogs whacked it into a door frame. Ow)
Shirt of the day: ‘Rainy Day,’ from ShirtPunch.com

It’s a little hard to describe, and I can’t find a picture. So! Extended Description:Two people in what looks to my eyes like a old French cartoon style, under a raincloud and umbrellas look down, in horror, at a third whose umbrella is crushed and he’s unconscious. Above them, Lakitu (of Mario Bros. fame) floats with her spiny eggs, one of which lies near the unconscious man. 


3 thoughts on “… That Worked?

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