Ridiculously photogenic track


I run in a damn fine looking spot. Leg was starting to feel like it was going to cramp, but never quite made it there. I’m taking this as a sign I’m doing something right.

Shin status: early malfunction warning signs.
Shirt of the day: Venture Bros: “my glorious leader went to the Calamity Conference and only got his best henchman this lousy t-shirt”


5 thoughts on “Ridiculously photogenic track

    • Chestnut Hill is one of the Boston area’s, er, richer spots. This particular track is around an old reservoir (it’s actually a tertiary reservoir for the water system, in case the primary and secondary are out), and happens to look really lovely! Apparently, I am also a tour guide now.

      Are there no other good running spots near you, then?

      • Not that I am aware off. We have a large park, that would be good, but its a little distance away. I don’t drive so I like to be a 10 minute walk from home. I’m going to go looking I think! 🙂

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