Trail Fail

I may have made the initial mistake of not posting this on the right blog on the right day. But, for reasons I can’t understand, it didn’t stick when I re-posted it…

Out of My Head

The forest floor is covered in a thick layer of fallen leaves, each wet with the morning’s light rain, making a thick orange and gold carpet over the trail itself. A canopy of empty branches and evergreens blot out the cloudy sky, which attempts to peak through. Other than the scrunch of leaves under my feet, the forest is silent save for:

“Jesus!” I blaspheme, as I attempt to run up the trail, “Oh S***.”

The slick running surface hides deeper dangers: erratic patterns of roots waiting to catch at my feet, rocks covered in nothing but slick forest floor detritus. The South Acorn loop trail at Great Brook Farm state park feels a bit less like a pleasant place to run, and more like a deathtrap. Even during the walking intervals, I find my footing is less sure than I’d like.

Considering I’m alone, and my family won’t be home…

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