Stand By, You Will Be Upgraded




I have mentioned in a few of my previous posts that the cheap Target running shoes served me well, but have seem to have run their course (pun intended). As I run in them now, before I reach the halfway point, I start to feel some pain in my arches, where the Dr. Scholls inserts are probably providing me with more arch support than I need.

Thus, I turned to the New Balance Factory Outlet in Allston to provide me not only with a new pair of kicks, but with some expert advice from people who actually know what they’re talking about. I.e., not me randomly picking out a pair of shoes in a department store.

A friend of mine and I wandered down over the weekend. I tried on a few pairs, including ones which looked like they ’90s had been distilled into comfortable footwear: Neon oranges, day-glow yellows, lime greens, and other colors pilfered directly from Lisa Frank‘s palette. I tried them on, mostly because they were ridiculous. They were comfortable, but the salesman steered me away from those and to a shop floor selection with more heel support.


2013-11-18 17.18.54


2013-11-18 17.19.13

While I did get the sense I was being upsold a pair at $60 more, I actually liked the cheaper pair more. Unfortunately, they did not have the color scheme I really like (I am a sucker for red), thus I went for this tiger stripe-esque look.

I figure it will be like Tony the Tiger telling me how “Grrrrreat!” I am whenever I hit the track.


Based on my well-intended, but by-my-own-admission, faulty understanding of sports. I felt it best to retire the shoes in a way befitting most athletes. They are now hanging from the rafters here at Unsure Runner HQ.

2013-11-18 17.21.51

… at least until my roommate tells me to take them down.


(About to take my Monday run, a 28-minute jog according to my C25k app. Also new for this run: tracking by a Fitbit, which I purchased mostly because my mother went and got one last week. According to it, I have already been super active–the run is going to take me even further.)



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