Even with the sun setting, and the track obscured almost entirely in the evening gloom, Monday’s run was wonderful. Despite being closer to 6 p.m., the Reservoir was lit only by streetlights and passing cars. The weather was a calm, cool evening with a light, but warm breeze. It has been unseasonably warm in Boston, for November, and Monday definitely was no exception.

The run itself, later than I had planned, but still great. I felt like I made it to the track faster in the new shoes. My feet felt better–although the right still felt some pains after a while. I felt like I had accomplished something, and then met two friends, whose beards I was able to pick out in the late night dark of the track. We walked and talked, my phone quietly telling me I had finished my cool down interval, and then we parted ways.

Wednesday, on the other hand. 

I grumbled to life as the alarm, sat on my desk across the room, beeped at me to wake up. I had a long day, and was following up a long day. 6:15 a.m., I was dragging my feet to the floor. Muttering obscenities about the 30 degree temperatures outside, I found some gloves, the microfleece shirt, and a hat.

I met a neighbor coming down the stairs, and remarked that the cold was making me regret my desire for exercise. I made a similar comment to the cute girl at the bank later in the day, which killed the conversation for a moment. She may not have guessed I was joking. I got outside and immediately missed my bed.

I was halfway down Sutherland Street when my sock started riding down. I stopped to fish it out, my semi-gloved fingers clumsily trying to fiddle with, and then giving up on the knot. Two more stops, I try switching the socks, which gets me as far as the track. I sit down on a bench in the warm up area, next to a woman of Asian descent rhythmically hitting her calves. I pay her no mind and tighten my shoes, then stretch. The socks immediately start riding down as I hit the track, but seem to stop once I start running.

Day 2 of week 8, another 28-minute run, completed with no real incidents. Right foot pain, but nothing particularly exciting to report.

Tuesday, found me zipping downtown to one of my jobs in the morning, and closing that store in the early evening, and then catching a train to the other job in order to close it. Wednesday had the same schedule, but longer hours. By the end of the day, Fitbit tells me, that between the run and my two jobs, I have put in 12 miles in the day.

The late night dinner I make myself is terrible for me, but feels so well-deserved.

Shin Status: Malfunction.
Shirt of the Day: Spanakopita, via The Venture Bros.


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