Slow Liquids

Although the track is nearly deserted when I get to it this morning, there are three people and a dog passing each other where I am when the run starts. This makes me want to start strong and fast as I slip between the human and canine obstacles.

After a few seconds, I regret that. The cold air starts to gather in my lungs, and feels thick and cloying. I feel a little like I am drowning, not because of a lack of air, but because of its temperature. My phone tells me it was 19 F when I left my house that morning. I feel like my legs are moving sluggishly, and the rest of my body is pouring over the curves like slush.

Driving to the track–heated seats cranked–was a compromise with myself to go out and run. The microfleece shirt, sleeves rolled up and down, hat coming on and off, as my body temperature first peaked, then fluctuated with the biting winds hitting different parts of my sweating body.

The other day, I said I wanted to go faster. With how cold I am, I feel like that may have been too much to ask of myself.

Ask, and I shall deliver.

I wanted to go faster, and I shaved about a minute off of my average speed, in minutes per mile. I also somewhere along the way turned into one of those people who discusses his statistics in public.

The 30-minute run that starts off the final week of my C25k plan took me a little over 2.5 miles. Both the longest sustained physical activity, and the furthest I have ever run. A statement I feel I have made a lot, and considering the way running programs are supposed to work, kind of an obvious statement.

It still baffles me. If there is one theme of my story, it is surprise at my own capabilities.

The confidence in my ability is starting to spread into other areas of my life, as I am becoming more comfortable with my identity as a runner. This blog, and the running, are things people have started asking me about–and things I bring up in conversation.

It occurred to me the other night, and I commented to my roommate, that the High School version of me and my current self would probably not get along–and that not only am I now a runner, I am kind of enjoying it.

Shin Status: So. So. So tired.
Shirt of the Day: Atari Entertainment Systems


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