3.1 Miles Later…

If the map on Zombies, Run‘s website is accurate, I think I completed the equivalent of my first 5k today.

The morning was cold, the sun shining, and a local running store had set up a running tent on the far shore of the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. Although from my vantage near the entrance, I couldn’t tell what it was–wondered if someone was going to yell at me for trying to run during some event. In the world of the zompocalypse, I was going out on a mission with Runner 8, Sally Smith, a woman with an Irish lilt who made it very clear that she didn’t trust me. We were tasked with luring a horde away from Abel Township while engineers repaired the main gate.

Running went off without a hitch, a few puddles to avoid, and sweat gathering through my micro-fleece shirt. My aim was to make two full circuits of the track. I’d forgotten my estimates of the track’s length, and that two full circuits would close to the 3.1 mile equivalent of a 5 kilometer run.

I nearly gave up about a third of the way in. I felt like kicking down to a slow run, and dreaded my radio operator in the game telling me to put on a burst of speed. Still, with British Sea Power‘s 2008 album playing between interludes in my zombie distraction mission, I pressed on. I wanted to make at least one loop before giving up.

The second pass of the running shop tent, I wasn’t sure if they were going to try and talk to me–but I ignored them. I was getting in the zone. They had set up a table just off the track, with red silicone wristbands and cups of water. Some water would have been nice, but I was in the zone.

The mission ended when I was near the first pump house. If I made it to the second, that would be a second complete circuit. No bursts of speed, no stumbles, nothing. Just pure pig-headed determination. I was going to do it. I had decided.

It didn’t even occur to me until now, as I am writing, hours later, that I must have completed the 5k. Needless to say, pretty proud of myself. But, I also like that it passed quietly, as if this sort of thing could be routine.

Weird Pickup: Two Chipotle Labs Apps (…the icon is a computer?)
Shirt of the Day: Atari Entertainment Systems logo

Atari 2600 My Childhood Entertainment

Atari 2600 My Childhood Entertainment (Photo credit: Asim Bijarani)


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