Snow Pun Intended

There was a thin layer of slush over Boston when I woke up yesterday. It looked pretty from the window, inside, as I woke from sleeping in (had a late shift, and time to kill). But, I wasn’t looking forward to leaving. The air carried the dullness of sound that seems to come with falling snow, as if the world is taking a moment to appreciate how pretty the stuff looks before acknowledging the inconvenience.

After talking myself into heading out for a run, I immediately had second thoughts. Slush splashed into my shoes. My toes started to freeze, and the thin sleet set about into my hair. I gritted my teeth, and headed out toward the Chestnut Hill Reservoir once again.

The mission for today, according to my radio operator, was to head out into the No Man’s Land and rescue a child. As I rounded the Boston College shoreline, another character was coming up on my tail fast–the girl’s father, I later learned. Together, we rescued her and brought them back to Abel.

Boston College

Boston College (Photo credit: Patricia Drury)

Meanwhile, each footstep sent a wave of water, ice, and cold radiating outward. I tried hard to keep from splashing the people I passed–even if, in my head, they were zombies I was outrunning–and even harder to keep from splashing my own feet. I think I succeeded at the former, but I know I failed at the latter. Each time my toes started to feel warm once more, they were splashed anew with the freezing mix of discomfort and added weight.

It wasn’t a pleasant run, and a concern of frostbite started to take over. I wasn’t thrilled with the decision, but ultimately cut the run short. One circuit of the reservoir, instead of the two I have been aiming for. Part of me felt like it was a cop-out, but the fact that I still have 10 toes where they’re supposed to be makes me feel like it wasn’t a terrible notion.

We’ll see how the weather holds in the coming days. I want to keep at it, but a couple of low-speed ass-to-ground collisions in the past has made me cautious of this type of weather.

Shirt of the Day: Villainous Victorian Velociraptor by Woot!
Strange Item of the Day: Empty rocket launcher. (it’s a plot item…)


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