Winter Comes to Boston

The city was blanketed last night in a thick layer of the white stuff. In the week leading up to the storm, temperatures have been dropping.For better or worse, I have gone out to run despite the cold: 23 and 13 degrees F, on Wednesday and Saturday. No Tauntauns in sight.

For those playing along without a working knowledge of the Fahrenheit temperature scale, I will remind you that water freezes at 32 degrees.

Celsius Fahrenheit Interval Conversion.jpg

Celsius Fahrenheit Interval Conversion.jpg (Photo credit: hmcotterill)

My legs, on the other hand, freeze a little sooner than that. I find the runs more of a struggle in the colder weather, although that could still be all in my head–while running is rewarding, it is also cold. 

I  still aim to challenge myself. I haven’t quite managed the full 3.1 mile course–twice around the reservoir–again, but am working my way back up to that. A handful of distractions, the weather, and other factors are making the walk to and from, as well as the longer run, difficult to keep up with. I’m determined to keep at it as long as I can. I’m hoping the weather will work with me.

That all said, the spring can’t come soon enough.

For the last few weeks, I have been using the Zombies, Run app, an augmented reality game that puts me in the shoes of a post-Zombie apocalypse supply runner. When I loaded up the app the other day, it informed me that the makers have released a new game called The Walk. Similar notion, but for people who prefer walking. I haven’t tried it myself, but the Running game gives me high hopes.

Shirt of the Day: “I’ve Got Skills,” featuring a cartoon man multi-tasking.
Weird Item of the Day:  A scrap of paper (because, unless it has information on it, I don’t think I’d stop for a sheet of paper in a zombie wasteland).


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