I Saw Polar Vortex Before They Got Cool

Life is beginning to coalesce back into a post-holiday season routine, and I am looking down the road at more pressing issues, like paying bills and finding freelance work with which to bolster my income. Mounds of snow were dumped on my fair city after the new year, which made running conditions a challenge for my Friday.

Instead, I bundled up and took a walk to visit some friends with the intent of playing in the snow. That and a few other errands brought my step count up to the 10,000 mark–and pushed my update cycle out a little. All of the weird weather walking may have also done something to my ankle, which has been stiff for the last few days.

As I am sitting here (at my more quiet job), trying to form the words for a post, the other reason it’s been so long between posts is hitting me. Running has become routine. I am shaking up my routes, and I am still trying to push myself further each time, but I am feeling a little like I have already said much of what I need to about running in Boston’s frigid winters. Perhaps I have, or perhaps being poignant is something reserved for temperatures above freezing.  Stark

Even if the frigid winters are unusually cold, thanks to the so-called Polar Vortex. I know the joke has been made, but it really does sound like an indie metal band… Monday, I went out for a run. It was much needed, and I was able to squeeze it in before having drinks with a friend visiting from out of town. I kept it short, because of the stiff ankle, the cold temperatures, and the pressing dinner appointment.

I find myself looking forward again to the summer, when I will be a bit more inspired to keep running. The cold temperatures make it easy to do the bare minimum–although I’m sure I can find excuses again in the warmer weather.

Meanwhile, I am starting to give some actual thought to running a 5k race later in the year. I think I am capable of it–5 kilometers, or about 3.1 miles, doesn’t actually sound daunting. This is something that would have surprised the me that started this blog, but the me of today finds it routine.

Shirt of the Day: Jake in Pocket, Adventure Time
Odd Pickup: (Spoiler Alert) Patient zero’s medical file


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