Freezing Machines

Cold breezes skip across my toes, seeping in through the thin mesh across the top of my shoes. My legs are trying to warm up with each step down the hills of Beacon Street, but not getting there. Breezes cut through my two layers of shirt, and in the seams of my gloves. As I take in deep gulps of frigid air, my head starts to hurt. Am I…? I am. I am getting brain freeze from running.

Along with icy breaths, I am also swallowing my statement about saying all I have needed to say about running in the cold.

I feel underdressed. I should have worn a hat. I should have worn another layer of pants. Perhaps even a microfleece shirt instead of a short- and a long-sleeved T-shirt. I should have done a lot of things, I think to myself as I reach a major intersection.

What I should really do, I tell myself, is head home. It’s too cold for me today. Instead of crossing the street, I turn to take a long route home.

On the plus side, my album choice is oddly appropriate for the Zombies mission. I am going on a toy run for the township in the game while listening to the Aquabats. The mission comes to an end, although I have long since stopped. The ice in my throat has made it painful to breathe, and to run. I have given up, and am going to walk home.

Always feels bittersweet when this happens. On the one hand, I haven’t completed the run to my own satisfaction. On the other, I at least tried.

At least I haven’t fallen on my ass this time.

Shirt of the Day: Villainous Victorian Velociraptor
Odd Pickup of the Day: Dungeons and Dragons rip-off (Key item)


5 thoughts on “Freezing Machines

  1. I can definitely relate to this. Especially those single digit mornings we had earlier this week. My solution has been: two layers of underarmor and a sweastshirt, hat, gloves, two layers of under armor pants and sweatpants, and then most importantly…winter running shoes. Had the same problem with the flimsy mesh of normal running shoes and now my feet are not cold at all, and am less likely to slip on the ice. Maybe a little hardcore but it did the trick. Hands are the coldest but usually warm up after a lap or two.

    PS Zombies Run is awesome! Thoroughly enjoying it still. Although I feel like the “radio mode” that plays after missions is really just phoning it in at some point.

    • Glad you’re digging ZR2! I dig the radio mode, because I dig the two dudes’ radio chemistry. . Although there have definitely been a few interludes that were a little “ehhh…”

      I definitely didn’t have enough clothing on, and I guess what I was doing was “learning the hard way.”

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