A New Stage in a New State

Riding in the car from the airport, a sad realization hits me: I don’t have my TuneBelt and headphones. If I want to run in Virginia, I will be relying on my much maligned earbuds.

Yesterday and Friday, let’s be honest, I was making excuses. Not very good ones, mind. But, they meant I wasn’t out for a run when I wanted to be. Of course, Wednesday was the heart of the chill  over Boston. It was almost too cold to run. I was no where near dressed the part.

In other words, my last real run was nearly a week ago.

Following a plane ride, and some time taking down the Christmas tree and catching up with my family here, I laced up my shoes and set out for my first run in another state. Up and down my father’s street, was the plan. I was just hearing the end of the Zombies Run mission description, and was already panting. The difference a couple of days off, and a few off days makes, apparently.

Unlike Boston’s below-freezing temperatures for the last few weeks, Virginia was in the high 40s. The sky was bright and clear. The approach up the end of the street, I am heading up a slow, level decline, and I am feeling a little out of sorts. I’m still waiting for my limbs to warm up, and fiddling constantly with my headphones. The former happens with time, the latter never stops. At the head of the street, I turn around and head back toward my father’s place.

I know that my sister, step-mother and father are in the sunroom on the front of the house, and that they can see the street. I feel, for the first time, like I have an audience while I am running. For as long as the house is in my eye line, I pick up my knees, try to put on a good show. Once the house is hidden by some trees, my pace and stature returns to… normal. I make my turn at the cul-de-sac, and head back the way I came.

I do this three and a half more times.

When I am done, the moon is up, and the sky is about the same deep blue of my shirt. The house is at about the midpoint of the street, and after passing on my third pass, I have satisfied that voice in me that pushes for a run. I get a text from my sister, who says they can’t see me anymore, as the sun has started to set. I hastily Swype in a reply that I am on my way back.

2.6 miles, three and a half laps. Feeling good, but also can’t stop coughing now that it’s over. Sincerely hoping I didn’t bring a cold with me to visit.

Shirt of the Day: Bluth’s Banana Stand
Today’s Odd Pickup: A baseball bat
(just because the game seems to be set in England, and baseball isn’t all that popular)


3 thoughts on “A New Stage in a New State

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