Driving Voices

“On your way back, can you grab the mail?” My step-mother asks as I’m walking out the door.

“Sure! If I remember.”

“If not, we’ll send you back out,” she says with a laugh.

I close the front door behind me, put my earbuds in, and head up the driveway, past the mailbox. I have two things to remember today: the mail, and waving to my audience as I pass (per my sister’s joke/request). I head up the street and catch the final vignette from the mission I hadn’t finished when I left. Basically, I needed another two minutes on the run. Radio mode takes over and I just listen to the music and banter.

As I finish my first circuit of the street (i.e., running to the end, turning around, then running around the cul-de-sac; lather, rinse, repeat). I get a text from my sister: You’re not waving. I grumble, fumble with my phone, and shot back that I waved both times I passed the house.

She replies, “wave when you get to the gold car.”

I don’t really see one when I’m making my next pass, until I notice a gold SUV parked in someone’s driveway. Not the most obvious landmark, but I throw my arm in the air and wave. My sister shoots me a text saying they saw me, and I later learn that my step-mom was waving back, and my sister was laughing. The audience participation was good.

I carry myself through nearly four laps of the street, before calling it a day. Just shy of 3 miles in all. At this point, the voice of determined exercise says I can call it a day. It is strange to feel that voice, if nothing else because it has largely replaced the voice of self-doubt. I still hear that one, but more rarely these days. Although, I am not sure how I feel about this voice–on one hand, it is getting me out for a run; but on the other, it is disappointed when I don’t go. Having had an iffy relationship with voices of disappointment in the past, I am not sure how this one will turn out.

I am musing on this as I make another pass of the cul-de-sac. I get a Facebook message from a friend–one of the advantages of using the TuneBelt is that it’s harder to look at, and respond to, my phone’s non-running functions. I decide to make one more pass, call it a day, and reply to my other messages.

On the way back, having remembered to wave each time, I also remember to snag the mail. I walk in, with that voice satisfied and my legs only feeling a little like rubber. I managed to add about another quarter mile to what I did the other day.

Nerdy Shirt of the Day: HankCo, Venture Bros.
Odd Pickup of the Day: Sports Bra. Not because I can’t wear them, but because who would lose them in a zombie apocalypse?


3 thoughts on “Driving Voices

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