An Unsure Rest

For anyone who has been going, “hey, I seem to recall that snarky running fellow from Boston. I wonder where he went,” here’s what’s up.

Over the last few weeks, my ankle has been stiff. Even on my trip to Virginia and back. Generally, it hadn’t been interfering with my life, or more importantly, my running. When I got up on Monday, it felt like the stiffness had moved up the ankle. So, I decided to give it a day off.

Tuesday, the Northeast was hit by a snowstorm, and the stiffness was still lingering.

That voice that wants me to get out there and run begrudgingly said, “Fine. Maybe you should wrap it and take the week off.”

I noted that I had taken a few days off when I thought I had shin splints, which seemed to help both my legs and the voice of exercise.

Before backing down, it added, “Monday’s going to kind of suck. Suit yourself!”

So, here’s looking to Monday.


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