Second Wind and the Temptation to Make a Fart Joke

Three or four blocks ahead, beyond the slow hill and a slight turn on Beacon Street, lies Washington Square. I have hit the endpoint of my last run, the street I live off of. I could turn, head home, take a shower and go see my friend. I consider calling it a day.

Or, I could keep running.

This is when a curious thing happens. A sensation with which I am unfamiliar–beyond the slangy sense from parties–I have the energy to keep going. I have the breath, the strength, all of the above. There’s no need to stop, even if I have a slow hill ahead of me.

I keep going. Slower, smaller steps up the hill. Higher, longer strides when I am going down. I’m picking up speed, and not just because a faster, trendier couple has passed me on the way to the running store on Beacon Street. I genuinely feel like I can.

The Zombies, Run mission ended early–I had picked up where I left off on the last run, which was just before the end. In the meantime, the radio mode DJs were talking about whether Runner 4 was faster than me, Runner 5. I chose to ignore the fact that there were hundreds, at least, of Runner 5s; anyone else who may be playing the game currently holds that moniker. But, despite that, I muttered to myself (when no one else was on the sidewalk),
“Jack, Eugene, flattery will get you everywhere.”

Turn up Washington Street, keep going. The rush has worn off a little, but I want to keep going. At least to the far corner of the block next to mine. On rubber legs I cross the street.

Victorious, I hit my goal. I wanted to go further than I did the other day, and I wanted to pass through Washington Square.

A shower, some pizza, a beer or two was the rest of my night.

Shirt of the Day: Pitfall cover art.


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