Snow Running This Week



It was another rough week at Unsure Runner HQ. Rough in that it was not ideal conditions for running. It snowed again in Boston, which means that the sidewalks are alternately slick and entirely missing for large portions of the street, due mostly to laziness or the laissez-faire attitude of some of my neighbors.

So, while these scenes are pretty:



It does mean my running surface looks a lot like this:



I could, conceivably, still go out for a run–in fact, I saw some other people out doing just that: running mostly in the street, kicking up slush and water as they stepped through puddles left behind by the city’s army of salt trucks. But I felt I’d rather A) not slip and fall on my ass, and thus B) take a walk instead. I visited my friend Jess (of Money Jar Life fame) and her fiancé, and helped them with a wedding project.

Which means I was less active, but I still hit my 10,000 step goal on Wednesday, and got my feet about as wet as if I’d gone running.  My snow boots are not entirely waterproof, and there were some very deep slush puddles.

As I left my house, I was greeted by a new neighbor:



Friday, and today, I am battling a cold. I could still run, but with the road surface and the not-feeling-100%-still thing, I decided to take another week off. With a pile of used tissues next to my laptop, the thought of a run fills me with a shudder. It’s too cold, it’s too much effort. Work today wiped me out a bit more than I expected, although I’ll try to drag myself out for a friend’s birthday.

I feel a little like I’ve let myself down, but also like I’ve made a wise decision. The voice of determined exercise isn’t really disagreeing on that last point. So, we’ll pick things up when the sidewalks are more passable.

Despite the snow, and despite everything else, I have managed to raise another $5 donation via Everymove.



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