HuffPo’s 9 Books Every Runner Should Read

HuffPo’s 9 Books Every Runner Should Read

Admittedly, I haven’t read any of these. I looked nonetheless, and the main reason I looked was to see if one author had made the list. 

Haruki Murakami, the author of What I Talk About When I Talk About Running, is one of my favorite contemporary authors. I’m aware of, but haven’t gotten around to, his 2007 memoir. I have read a few of his novels and short stories, (Norwegian Wood, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles and After the Quake) and have always felt like he and his translators deserve millions of awards. 

So, what I’m saying is, if you read only one of the 9 books every runner should read, I’d say this make it this one. 


Meanwhile, in Boston, temperatures were in the mid-40s yesterday. I walked home in the sleeting rain last night, but am optimistic that the winter weather could be over soon. May go for a walk and run some errands later, but it’s also possible I’ll deem it safe to run.


One thought on “HuffPo’s 9 Books Every Runner Should Read

  1. And yes, what I just said boils down to, “I haven’t read any of these books, but you should read that book by this author I like!”

    When you have your own blog, you can share your equally ill-formed opinions.

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