Wednesday’s run was a vast improvement on Monday’s. Proving that I am a human capable of learning from mistakes, I put on a second pair of socks, and ate dinner after the run. Another key improvement:

It was still Hoth cold out. Boston is apparently experiencing another Polar Vortex, which means today’s run is going to be also cold. The run down the hills felt like a return to form, and the runs up the hill felt like a terrible mistake. Or, as I put it to the world at large on Twitter:

Despite the temperatures plummeting to below freezing, a lot of the ice had melted. My vigilante spitting routine was less necessary–at least until I hit Washington Street, where at least two houses had the same caked sheet of solid ice as the day before. I assume because the tree line on that part of the street protects it from the sun.

“Clear your goddamn sidewalks,” I call to the lit living room of one house, slipping imperceptibly on the rime-lined sidewalk.

The house’s bright windows stare back, nonplussed by my frustrated outburst.

I start envisioning coming back with fliers, detailing what the law has to say on the subject of ice-covered sidewalks. Returning to the scenes of the crime, to threaten them with lawsuits should I break my skull open on what–to my understanding–is part of their property. Similar to my Epic passive-aggressive note from the past weekend.

By the time the mission finishes, for some reason much closer to my house than the last time I went out running (I must be getting faster…?), I give up on the vigilante note thing. I just want to go home, take a quick shower, and eat dinner. Or–if nothing else–to get in from the cold, where I can breathe without the cold air forming a ball of snot at the back of my throat.


Fingers crossed the weather warms up, so I can at the least stop blogging about snot and spitting.

Shirt of the Day: Portal 2 – SPACE (the NASA Logo with Space Core)


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