Personally Blocking Efforts

Monday, I woke up with time to spare–an hour early, thanks to the other end of Daylight Savings Time. I also woke to a thin layer of snow gathering on the sidewalks. Just enough to trip my still-developing policy of not running when some form of ice is on the ground.

So, I put it off until Tuesday morning. In the half-hour I had before my alarm went off. My phone informed me that it was 37 degrees F outside. 37! That was practically the summer. That, and my tablet had no battery left, scotching my plans to sit in bed and surf the web.

Hastily gathering my shoes, and attempting to do the math: how would I dress if the weather were just shy of the 60s? It’s still not quite there, I told myself pulling on a low pair of socks and my running pants. No need for gloves, though.

Less than five minutes later, I wished I’d brought gloves with me.

At the least, it would have made no difference to my alarm, which started ringing every five minutes after I took off. I use my cell phone to wake me in the mornings, and it snoozes for 5 minutes if I do nothing to it. In order to turn it off, I have to slide an X button to the side. However, as I was running, reaching over to my phone in its Tunebelt pocket, I was unable to tap and “grab” the button to turn it off, because the phone kept rotating the screen as my arm moved.

I eventually gave up, and let it play out. Three times.

On the third, it crashed Zombies, Run 2, in the middle of the final mission of season 1.

I was already on the verge of calling it a day, and that was the final straw. I had things I needed to do. As I walk back to my apartment, I shrug off the idea that today will be a day where nothing goes quite as planned. Not defeated, but a little frustrated.

Welcome to Spring…

Shirt of the Day: Earthbound – Onett Little League


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