Positive Feedback Loop

“Have you lost weight?”
“You’re looking good lately!”
“I’ve been meaning to say, you look phenomenal.”
“[Wordpress User] liked your post!”
“Your beard is coming in nicely.”
“You’re not so bad yourself.”
“Mission completed.”

In a theatrical or stage production, acoustic feedback happens when a stray audible sound from a speaker gets picked up by the microphone, which in turn feeds back through the speakers and back into the mic. This creates an audible thrumming squeal.

Fortunately, what I’ve discovered at the end of my second running program (Today marked the last of my Zombies, Run missions for season one), is that the same thing happens with positive feedback. In the last few months, I have been getting more comments and compliments–some due to running, while some are related to other things.

Out on the street this morning, I found some of these were playing through my head–along with the aftermath of an explosion in the Zombies Run mission, and a New Pornographers album–I found them pushing me along a bit–despite the cold. Which, is what got me back to my amateur acoustic engineering moment.

These voices, I also found, were competitive with the internal voices that tell me I’m going to fail. Which, I realize now is an odd thing. At one time, those negative voices were strong enough to supplant anything positive I got from friends and family. I seem to have weakened them with a healthy boost of self-confidence, and also with an excellent group of friends–two things that I didn’t seem to have years ago, the last time I was at a low point.

This is, all told, a good thing. I’m sure, if my hunch about the way this works is correct, this will continue to be a good thing.

Shirt of the Day: Portal 2 – SPACE.


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