The Poorly-planned, Terribly Executed Excuse

While performing the bed time rituals on Tuesday night, I stopped to pick up my phone and gave some serious thought to my alarm time for the next morning. I was to open one of the stores I worked at, which meant at least a 7:30 wake-up. If I wanted to get a run in, I’d better aim for 6:30.

If I run after work, I started to tell myself, I could get some more sleep.

After work, however, I was going to meet some friends for drinks. I could go after that. 

As I brushed my teeth, I caught sight of myself–and my shirt–in the mirror and thought, I seem to write about running in my Portal 2-themed shirt, with the Space Core floating past the NASA logo a lot. If I go after work, I’ll be wearing a different shirt.

Somehow, this excuse won me over. I will not entertain any questions as to why.

With the extra hour of sleep under my belt, I managed to get to work 5 minutes earlier than expected. Things seemed to be going my way. My lunch plans canceled, but I went with the flow, and soon was on my way to Fenway, where there would be beer and half-priced appetizers (the latter, a pleasant surprise). Three beers, and a number of great conversations later, we were on our way to the T. Which, we had to run to catch.

Anyone who has ever noticed the bubbles gather on the side of a glass of soda, and seen the way they all rise to the top when the glass is set down, can imagine how my stomach felt as my dinner and I lurched into the train. Still tipsy, only slightly ill, but overall pleased with my lot, my friends and I parted ways at my stop.

The staircase at my T stop has the distinction of being the place my cell phone became part of the legion of Millennial Phones. A few months ago, I tripped while climbing the stairs and (rather stupidly) texting a friend. As I put my hands out to stop myself, the glass on the front of my phone suffered the consequences. Like so many of my generation, my cracked phone is not so bad that I can’t use it, but I can’t afford to replace anything. It was at the top of this staircase, that I realized there was no way in hell I was in any shape to run right now.

I collapsed onto my couch and drank at least two fillings of the water bottle I got from work–someone returned it to the store, and after calling the makers we determined it was actually fine. “Damaged” as it was, I took it home.


Thursday morning, before heading to my other job, I laced up my shoes and went out. A short jog up Comm Ave, around the Reservoir and home again by way of Beacon. Fortunately, I am willing to be flexible when others change my plans; and when I do it to myself.

Shirt of the Day: Earthbound – Onett Little League
Current FundraiserBoston Area Rape Crisis Center’s 2014 Walk for Change.


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