Nothing Of Insight Happened Today

Having had a fairly hectic week, and finally getting around to writing about my runs this week, I find myself with an interesting form of writer’s block: I have nothing really insightful to say about it.

I went for a run on Friday afternoon. I was tired: my Fitbit tells me I’d hit my 10,000 steps before I even laced my shoes up. I nearly collapsed on my couch for the afternoon, but was able to drag myself out to help a friend with a project first; they live a five minute walk away, so I showed up in running gear.

Then, I went for a run. Around the Reservoir and home again. Listened to some music.

It still seems odd how routine running has become. Which, I suppose, is all of insight you’re going to get out of me. It’s gone from something I have to force myself to do, into something I feel weird when I don’t. This is a shift that I still don’t fully understand. But, I have noticed it in my writing here: It’s less about the pain and effort of running, and more about the context in which I am running.

Which, I suppose means that it takes about 5 months for something to go from a good lifestyle change into a routine. Although, your mileage may vary.

(Regarding the title, George III did not, in fact, write in his diary for July 4, 1776, that “Nothing of importance happened today.” If for no other reason than King George did not keep a diary)

Shirt of the Day: Pitfall cover art
Current FundraiserBoston Area Rape Crisis Center’s 2014 Walk for Change.


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