Putting off the run on Wednesday was a conscious decision. In my head, Thursday makes more sense anyway: no stores to open, no evening plans.

Something that looks like plastic has collected along the edges of the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. Inches thick, long angular shapes, shining slightly in the noontime light. It takes me about the distance between the pump houses to realize that those are sheets of ice. Large, rectangular sheets of ice that have stacked up on top of each other. It looks as though the wind blew the sheets up onto the shore, where they broke and sat, and were then covered by a second sheet of ice, which also broke and stacked.

Spring is, slowly, starting to come through. The ice sheets are a sign, I choose believe.

What strikes me as interesting, as I piece all of this together, is how strikingly complex and powerful the human mind is. I have no evidence, aside from what is in front of me. I am also in the middle of running, and arguably distracted by that process. Yet, somehow I am able to reach all of these conclusions because of my ability to form connections and imagine.

The brain is a laboratory. I can test my hypothesis a thousand times inside it, all while exercising, and form a working explanation. I’d have to test it scientifically to be certain, but at least in my head, the plastic-looking ice sheets have a reason for being, and the reason is: Winter is nearly at an end.

(Full disclosure, I have spent the better part of the weekend watching Sherlock Holmes.)

Of course, come Monday, I am disappointed to find that I somehow picked up the tail end of a cold. A sore shoulder, and the general brick-headed feeling I have disincline me to start my day with a run. Which, considering I missed a third run last week, makes me feel a little lazy.

Or, it’s a chance to adjust my running schedule to one that fits better. In my mind, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday runs could fit better, considering Wednesday has been a day I’m tempted to fink out on

Shirt of the Day: Retro Gaming Heart (8-bit drawings of game consoles arranged in a heart shape)
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