Back At It

A weak cough escaped before I laced up and set out, determined to at least put some miles (at least one) on my shoes. It had been a week since I was last out, and I was considering a new schedule because of my typically crazy Wednesdays: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, was how I aimed to proceed with my running.

A week off from being sick, and a spotty performance in the prior weeks because of weather. Tuesday morning, as the alarm went off, waking me an hour early for my work shift, I grumbled to life and slipped into my running pants.

New England shook off the last dregs of winter, which were fading slowly like a particularly odd dream, and was finally starting to reach reasonable weather. In fact, I was starting to doubt the long pants were the way to go about halfway through the short, 20-minute route I had planned for myself. I would have to remember to pull out shorts when I got home.  (Spoiler alert: I totally forgot).

The halfway mark, as announced by RunDouble, the same app that brought me through the C25k program, came a lot further down the track than I expected. Legs were starting to feel the burn–I was a little out of practice from being sick.

15 minutes I made it. After fifteen minutes running, my legs and lungs decided it was time to call it a day. I was also needing to get myself organized and out the door for work. Home and a short shower, glad I started my week with a run.

(Note: This post is a week late, because last week was a little busy. I didn’t have a chance to update when I was actually running! For those who were worried last week, I was on the run! Conveniently, the BARCC donation page is still open, which means I’ll keep that as the fundraiser until I sign up for the 5k).

Shirt of the Day: (Fallout/Doctor Who mashup) Tennant’s Timepiece Repair.
Current FundraiserBoston Area Rape Crisis Center’s 2014 Walk for Change.


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