Delayed Gratification

The new schedule was supposed to be easier on me: Tuesdays are opening up with one job, the other has short shifts on Thursdays and Saturdays. That said, as I got myself ready for my run on Saturday, I got a phone call. The district manager from one of my jobs needed someone to run downtown for a few hours’ assistance. I had evening plans, but could fit it in the meantime. Which, with my need for money, meant I was putting my run off again.

Come Sunday, filled with an Easter-themed meal and a surprise cupcake, I returned to my apartment from my mother’s at about 8:45 p.m. A sharp, but small pain ricocheted down my hip. It dulled as I pulled my running shorts and shoes on–I needed to get out there again (and without realizing it, the ladyfriend talked me into going out).

The RunDouble app updated, and had a far nicer interface than in the past. I wasn’t quite used to it yet, but tried to set it for a 20 minute run.

Streetlights poured light over to the sidewalks, the air hung cool around my shoulders. I turned onto Commonwealth Avenue, and noticed another runner struggling up the hill I was strolling down in my warm-up interval. I flashed him a thumbs up, and grinned at him. He shot back a slightly baffled look, so I added, “Keep it up!”

I then concluded that I am more of a “You got this!” kind of person, when it comes to encouragement for random strangers.

I hit the five-minute mark, at about my usual starting point–after zipping between two slow-moving groups on the road–and started running. About 10 seconds later, the slightly new voice on my phone helpfully let me know that I was halfway through the run.

I then remembered that, when I had first made the custom run, it had defaulted to seconds instead of minutes. I had restarted the run, and kind of forgot to fix that… After completing the remaining 10 seconds, and then futzing with my phone for another few minutes, I was able to actually start the run.

The remainder of the run was fairly uneventful, outside of really wanting to get home and get back into pajamas. It had been a pretty long day. Hoping to work my way back up to running at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.


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