Returning to Normal

With the exception of a two-minute work-related phone call just after the middle of my run, I completed the run again.

I grant, I stopped running and walked while answering the call. But what surprised me was how easy it was to pick back up again. In the past, when I have stopped, it has been hard to get myself back up to speed for any length of time. But, it occurs to me that the difference is stopping because I’m out of energy is different than an unplanned stop.

Despite that minor interruption, the run was easy, simple. I completed my route, and was glad to reach the end of it, but was not struggling to hit it. With a couple of updates to my phone, however, it has become a lot easier to check my time remaining and other stats. Which is a habit I tried to drop out of.

But on Thursday’s run, it helped. I saw that I had 5 minutes remaining, and kept going. I did some quick math and figured out roughly what time I would be finished. I kept myself moving until that time, checked again and learned I had just a few more seconds remaining.

So, while the routine is picking up again, it’s weird to reflect on things that seem to have changed. It has been a long, weird winter. But I seem to have turned into someone capable of running. Where I was previously just running for exercise, I am also now gearing up for a 5k at the beginning of June…


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