Untapped Potential

Friday was an unexpected day off–a training for one job canceled, and an on-call shift for another was not used. So, instead, I caught up on TV like a good couch potato, and went running, like a bad one.

I found myself plotting the entry I had intended to write about my Wednesday run, and coming up with witty ways to explain that I went running with my girlfriend. But, as my trip around the reservoir came to an end, and I returned to the city streets I knew, I found myself reflecting on something I had only sort of thought about: My speed.

Wednesday had been my fastest run that I could recall, clocking in about 45 seconds faster per mile than I usually ran. I think it was something in the desire to get to the end of the run faster (despite, obviously, not being able to outrun time). I also thought about getting intoxicated by the energy of the crowd at the marathon. A friend also commented that actually running a 5k, with other people, will get you going faster because of the rush from competing with others.

A leisurely run on a quiet day in early May, I can do. But, what would I be capable of if I had the right crowd, the right competition, and the right company at the end? When this baby hits 88 miles an hour, what kinds of serious sh*t might I see?

I found myself a little excited to find out.

Unfortunately, cash flow problems made it a little tough to sign up for the AIDS Action 5k, but my hope is to get a little money and get my name down, so that I can do just that.

Which, is my way of saying: watch this space, and you too could contribute to helping out another Boston charity, as well as cheering me on for my first 5k (even from miles away!)


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