Rain Date

Grey clouds hung heavily over the reservoir as my girlfriend and I went out for another run. Expecting a downpour, I set out for a 20-minute run, and she aimed to knock another week off the C25k program she’s doing.

“You went this way last time. I’m going this way today,” she said as we started walking down the track in the same direction.

I turned around and started off in my prescribed direction. A short walk, followed by a complete circuit (and a little extra) around the reservoir. We smiled and waved again as we passed, twice, before the last few minutes on our respective timers ran out.

Again, I put in a sub-11-minute mile. I made it around the track in 16 minutes–far faster than the 20 minutes it usually takes me. I was kind of impressed with myself.

As I finished the run, I started plotting setting my tracker to give me a 5k’s distance. Perhaps the next time I run a 5k, I’ll realize I’m doing it.


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