When the Whistle Blows

The Fitbit step counter, disguised as a watch, was strapped to my wrist all day. I am not sure whether it fit the dress code for my new job, but no one seemed to remark on it, as it quietly counted up to, and far past, the 10,000 step mark. By the time I had finished pacing the small room, greeting families and taking their photos (which we would later try to sell back to them), the count read over 16,000.

And about 15 minutes past my shift, I was relieved of my post.

I recently got a job at a new midway attraction opening in the Boston area, working in the retail department. I spent my whole Saturday there, and was then too wiped out to go for a run.

Sunday filled up quickly with family, and rushing to be supportive after my girlfriend’s car broke down. Monday, work, and more helping with the car situation took over. Tuesday, I was back at the attraction, and again feeling pain in my legs.

In the past week, I also read an article indicating that running may not be useful for my weight loss, and that some professionals prefer a long walk or sprints for fitness. I haven’t been able to turn up the exact piece I read, but one on Active.com (which I found while searching for the other) gives a slightly more positive light on my particular program. The notion was a little discouraging, but also made me feel pretty good about being on my feet at my new job so much.

But, my hope is that on Thursday, I will get back out to the track for a run. It still seems to hold some sort of psychological draw.


2 thoughts on “When the Whistle Blows

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