Forgetting Everything I Know

It has been about two weeks since I was able to get a good run in.

Work took over a lot of my time, as did a few fun social obligations (obligation perhaps not the perfect word for it). But, after two weeks of working instead of running, Thursday, I was in my running shoes once more.

And I was feeling good. Time tracking has been off since switching between apps, but I know that for a 20 minute run, I got further than I had ever before. By a lot. Today, my app informed me I was at the halfway mark, as I passed a street I have sometimes turned and given up at. That’s three full Brookline blocks away from where it usually tells me this.

My conclusion was this: I had clearly forgotten everything I knew about what my body could do, and was simply letting muscle memory (whether I understand the concept correctly remains to be seen) take over.

Or something.

Either way, I was surprised. The hip pain I was experiencing from work–and a little as I made my warm up–disappeared. There was some mild stomach cramping at one point, which also disappeared. I had forgotten about the wall of breath, the point early on where my blood isn’t pumping quite fast enough and my breathing is starting to feel strained, but once I pushed through that, my only real obstacle were pedestrians.

I had chosen a slightly poor time to make the circuit around my block, and through one of the busiest intersections in the area, as T commuters coming home were flocking to and from public transit, and cars were poorly parked picking up directions, take-out, and people. However, I am not flummoxed by this particular obstacle, as we already know.

The run finished further from my house than most other runs I have completed. The cool-down walk home ended as I stepped under my awning. It was good to be back out, and good to be running again.

Hopefully, I can start making this at least a weekly occurrence again.


Overdressed at the Running Track

Saturday, I was on the track, shading my eyes as the sun beat down mercilessly into them. My shoes were stiff, solid, a little uncomfortable. I had long sleeves and pants on, as well as a vest. I was even wearing a tie. It was a good thing I wasn’t there to run.

I was there for a wedding. Two dear friends were tying the knot at the Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, across the street from the reservoir. I was among the wedding party, dressed in a tux, and out on the track for photos. For those concerned about my health, I was also only an hour away from dancing. More to the point, my girlfriend was an hour from dancing, while I was an hour from rhythmically flailing in hopes people would think I was dancing with her, and not simply in her proximity.

It was a cool, beautiful, and immensely fun wedding. I’d met both the bride and groom in college, where they also met. Lived with the groom, and learned much of what I know about running from the bride.

Unfortunately, the day got away from me, and running again fell by the wayside. With my schedule in hand, I made a date with myself to go out on my quiet Thursday, when I had a short shift at just one of the jobs.

The wedding also fell a day before the AIDS Action 5k I had planned to attend. However, the three jobs had not given me enough to cover my bills and the entrance fee for the 5k. Which meant Sunday was for sleeping in, and sleeping off a late night with no more than two drinks too many.

23 Inevitabilities of Getting in Shape

23 Inevitabilities of Getting in Shape

I’m only at about half of this list.

Apologies, regular readers, for the relative radio silence. Unfortunately, working a third job into the mix has meant I haven’t had nearly enough time to actually go running of late. A lot on my plate means I’m running around a lot. Fortunately, the new job also has me on my feet constantly and running around like a crazy person, so it’s almost like exercise.

My hope is to get some more actual content up and running in the not too distant future. By which I mean, I hope to actually go running at some point in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, enjoy the TMI flavors of Buzzfeed’s interpretation of fitness.