Forgetting Everything I Know

It has been about two weeks since I was able to get a good run in.

Work took over a lot of my time, as did a few fun social obligations (obligation perhaps not the perfect word for it). But, after two weeks of working instead of running, Thursday, I was in my running shoes once more.

And I was feeling good. Time tracking has been off since switching between apps, but I know that for a 20 minute run, I got further than I had ever before. By a lot. Today, my app informed me I was at the halfway mark, as I passed a street I have sometimes turned and given up at. That’s three full Brookline blocks away from where it usually tells me this.

My conclusion was this: I had clearly forgotten everything I knew about what my body could do, and was simply letting muscle memory (whether I understand the concept correctly remains to be seen) take over.

Or something.

Either way, I was surprised. The hip pain I was experiencing from work–and a little as I made my warm up–disappeared. There was some mild stomach cramping at one point, which also disappeared. I had forgotten about the wall of breath, the point early on where my blood isn’t pumping quite fast enough and my breathing is starting to feel strained, but once I pushed through that, my only real obstacle were pedestrians.

I had chosen a slightly poor time to make the circuit around my block, and through one of the busiest intersections in the area, as T commuters coming home were flocking to and from public transit, and cars were poorly parked picking up directions, take-out, and people. However, I am not flummoxed by this particular obstacle, as we already know.

The run finished further from my house than most other runs I have completed. The cool-down walk home ended as I stepped under my awning. It was good to be back out, and good to be running again.

Hopefully, I can start making this at least a weekly occurrence again.


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