Rumors of My Demise: Greatly Exaggerated

“We should go running again. Soon.”

By the sixth week of my new job, Girlfriend and I were saying this to each other three or four times a week. Usually with a vague plan to do it again tomorrow, or maybe the day after. Sometime before the week is out, we thought.

I started packing my running shoes in the giant blue IKEA bag I used to shuttle laundry between our houses. I found my Tunebelt running band, and packed everything neatly in a green drawstring backpack (which had been bought for last year’s Finn the Human costume, but definitely didn’t work).

Then with all of my equipment and supplies in hand, came two more weeks of not running.

You’d be surprised how many excuses there are. Or maybe you won’t, depending on where you fall on the discipline V  laziness scale. If we’re honest with ourselves, most of those excuses boiled down to ‘I just don’t feel like it.’

To backtrack slightly: When last we spoke, I was working three part-time retail jobs. I was spending two days a week at two of them, and three at the highest-paying. I was cobbling together rent from these checks, and struggling to make ends meet. I was also running regularly, until I added my third gig to the mix.

Things changed about two months ago now. I was offered a full-time job that a friend vacated. The check would cover most of my living expenses, and I could reduce my hours from 50+ scattered around 7 days a week, to 40 centrally clustered around 5 days. A no-brainer, non?

“Naturally, when I realized I had freedom and free time again, I picked right up where I left off with running, and am now training for a Marathon,” …said not me ever.

Naturally, when I had free time again, I used it to catch up with old friends. Catch up on reading. Catch up on comics. Catch up with some TV shows, and with some discarded hobbies. Catch up on video games. Catch up on sleep. Catch up with Girlfriend’s cat Peanut.

You know, exercise.

So, on a lazy Saturday afternoon, as we were making plans for a daring daytime raid on my house the following afternoon, for spices I’d need at her’s to make the recipe we’d planned for dinner, Girlfriend tossed out: “How about we go to the reservoir, run, shower at your house, get the stuff we need, and come back.”

“Yeah. We really do need to go running. And to stop talking about going running and actually do it.”


By the next morning, plans were already more definite. After painting, but before the trip to the pharmacy, pet store and comic shop. We shall see what comes to pass.