Hot Dogs are Not Sandwiches

On and off while out for runs (yes, this is another one about running), I’ve opted for a podcast or audiobook instead of music over the headphones. It started by chance, when I was working my way through a lengthy series of audiobooks, and I didn’t hate it.

This gave rise to me working through one of my favorite podcasts, Welcome to Night Vale, while out for a jog. It was actually the perfect length for some of my shorter runs and included a little burst of music toward the end to keep things interesting. But what seems to work best about it is that the episodes follow a little bit of a formula, and I can tell roughly how much longer I have to run based on what point in the episode I am. It also removes the temptation to try and run to a particular beat.

They are savvy writers, and I’m sure they’ll throw me for a loop eventually, but as my runs grow longer, I’ve actually started throwing myself off by finishing the episode before the end of the run. So, instead I found myself finishing a WTNV episode about a race, then listening to the Judge John Hodgman podcast. While I didn’t have the same format to work with, it was actually distracting enough to keep me going, and it’s probably healthier than dwelling on internet arguments as I have in the past.

So, my running advice to someone who’s just starting out would be, in addition to the shoes, arm band, bandanna, and a nice pair of shorts, get a good podcasting app and load it with shows that you think will interest you (or the Zombies, Run app works well too).


Felt like my heart wasn’t quite into this one, which is part of the reason I’ve been thinking of broadening the focus of my blog. Now accepting suggestions for new names.

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