White Horses and Errant Knights

I’m going to ask you for an hour of your time. I promise it’ll be well-spent, although you’re still under no obligation to give it. Half-hour

It will give you the time to listen to two things I’ve not been able to shake from my head for the past week. Both have come to mean quite a lot to me. Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts. The bug bit me after a friend started her own radio anthology show, and I later started helping them edit.

Now, I’m passing them on to you.

The Memory Palace – Episode 90: A White Horse

I think of myself as an ally to the LGBT community, but I know I’ll never really understand what it means to be a part of that community. This episode hit me hard. I was driving home from visiting family and nearly started to cry. It was recorded, I believe, shortly after the Pulse nightclub shooting, and it really helped me to understand what that place–and places like it–mean to my friends. And I felt its loss, several weeks later.

Nate DiMeo’s podcast takes a moment, or a person, or an object, or a place from history and expands on it. Breathes life and meaning into it. He gives you the thousand lyrical words that beautiful photograph could mean. They are sometimes funny, sometimes heartwarming, and as with this one, sometimes heartbreaking.

Second Citadel — The Head of the Janus Beast (Part 1)

It was the first story I worked on with the Penumbra, and I fell in love with the world pretty hard. The finished product was even better than the script, and I beamed more or less the whole drive home. The acting and the sound design really nailed the world I read about a few months ago. The story of two brothers, would-be knights trying to find honor and a devious monster they think they can defeat for it.

I don’t want to gush, especially as I’ve been working with this team and their scripts for a few months now, and they are friends–it’d be weird for everyone. But, I’ve been anticipating this one for months, and now that it’s here, it’s better than I’d anticipated.

That said, if you do enjoy Second Citidel, check out the Juno Steel series of podcasts from the Penumbra. A PI solving crimes on a futuristic Mars. It’s got hints of Futurama and Blade Runner, and a great cast and characters. I am really loving working on this show.